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Veja a gama de gelados de sanduiche da Häagen-Dazs com excelentes sabores e produtos da mais alta qualidade.

Häagen-Dazs' Caramel Crispy Ice Cream Sandwich is caramel ice cream meets smooth caramel chocolate sandwiched between crispy wafers. Crispy ruby cacao layers complement creamy layers of Häagen-Dazs® pistachio and sweet cream ice cream to deliver a unique texture and flavor combination that is both smooth and decadent. 想要尋找奇脆雪酥?奇脆雪酥使用頂級原料,用心製作,是雪糕層層口感,風味不凡的秘密。哈根達斯(Häagen-Dazs)Häagen-Dazs的蛋糕和創意系列,無與倫比的味道和最優質的產品可供您選擇。 A velvety ice cream made with 100% real fresh cream, for a taste of luxury that’s pure indulgence.
Filters should not be used as an alternative to medical advice. Häagen-Dazs Cream Crisp are pretty special. Procurando gelados de sanduíches crocantes? His father died during the First World War, and his widowed mother migrated to New York City with her two children in 1921.

Results for “haagen daz” Showing 1-16 of 16 items. RUBY CACAO CRACKLE TRIO CRISPY LAYERS.

ハーゲンダッツ(Häagen-Dazs)の公式サイトです。商品情報・最新ニュース・CM・とっておきのレシピ情報まで、世界各国で愛されるアイスクリームの魅力をお届けします。 Feinste Karamell Eiscreme mit köstlicher Karamellsauce und einer krossen Waffel. Beyond the crispy exterior lies rich caramel ice cream swirled with caramel sauce. Always check the label. Wowzer, this pint is packing a whole lot of flavour. Cookies & Cream Crispy Sandwich Irresistible cookies & cream ice cream combined with chocolate and encased in crisp wafer get ready for you!

With a crispy double-layered crispy crust, sandwiched with rich chocolate crispy, with 100% French original ice cream, bite down, first feel the crispy outer layer, the crust and chocolate intertwined, then the soft top-quality ice cream The entrance, the perfect fusion of the very crisp taste, brings one layer after another surprise! Häagen-Dazs's founder Reuben Mattus was born in Poland in 1912 to Jewish parents. We’ve taken this combo to extraordinary levels with luxurious vanilla ice cream, crunchy pecan pieces and sweet caramel swirls. The unique berry taste and crunch of cacao surrounding our luscious Häagen-Dazs® sweet cream ice cream is a sensorial experience unlike any other.
Entdecke unser Häagen-Dazs Cream Crisp: Zartschmelzende Eiscreme in einer knusprigen Waffel. Absolute bliss indeed. Our mouths are watering too. Filter by Ice Cream, Ice Lollies & Frozen Desserts (16) 1 Brand. Filter by Haagen-Dazs (16) Lifestyle & Dietary. ハーゲンダッツ(Häagen-Dazs)アイスクリームのクリスピーサンド、商品情報ページ。新商品、期間限定商品、など、現在発売中のクリスピーサンドの商品情報をお届けします。 Für leidenschaftlichen Genuss ohne Löffel! Probiere jetzt das Häagen-Dazs Double Caramel Cream Crisp!

Only Extraordinary Ingredients For The Ultimate Flavour

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