Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. c. To put a cover or covering on: covered jar with a lid. "Covered by blood" is unlikely, and "covered by snow" would imply that the snow is so deep that you can't see what it is covering. "Covered by blankets" is a more likely example. In 2018, Anthem Blue Cross and HealthNet are leaving some parts of the state. How to use cover in a sentence. To be entitled to benefits and services under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997 (WSIA/Act), you need to be a “worker” employed in a business or industry that is “covered” by the Act.. Who is a worker? Incidentally, until the mid-1930s male vocalists often sang the female lyrics to popular songs, though this faded rapidly after it was deemed decadent in Nazi Germany. The Miracles, Motown's first group, are the most covered Motown group of all time. Covered California members will soon begin receiving renewal notices. b. covered: Health care adjective Referring to a procedure, test or other health care service to which a policy holder or health insurance beneficiary is entitled under the terms of an insurance policy or payment system, eg, Medicare. Are all my contents covered? What does covered expression mean? Starting Oct. 11, consumers can use the Shop and Compare Tool to find out their plan options and monthly premium price for 2018 coverage. covered phrase. ers What does cover expression … To overlay or spread with something: cover the potatoes with gravy. Their music and songs have influenced artists all over the world – in every major musical genre – over the last 50 years. 2. a. There are cover limits on a few contents items but you can cover some for higher amounts by listing them within your contents cover, or adding Personal Valuables cover. Such a cover version is also sometimes called a cross cover version, male cover, or female cover. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Covered - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. Cover definition is - to guard from attack. List of Miracles songs covered and sampled by other artists. A worker is a person employed under a contract of service or apprenticeship and includes, among others: . It is reasonable to assume that a global health crisis like the coronavirus would have some impact on your life insurance policy acceptance and premiums, if you are currently in the application process stage. Definition of covered in the Idioms Dictionary. "Covered in" is more metaphorical: the covering is widely distributed over the object, but does not actually hide it. Are deaths due to coronavirus covered by life insurance policies? 1. a. Definition of cover in the Idioms Dictionary. To place something upon or over, so as to protect or conceal: covered the boat with a tarp; covered the photo with his hand. SoundCloud 【cover】新宝島 Covered By TRITON by holmium78 published on 2016-07-23T09:11:27Z. Stream 【cover】新宝島 Covered By TRITON by holmium78 from desktop or your mobile device. What does cover expression mean? cover phrase. Cf Not covered . South by Southwest's cancellation this year will not be covered by insurance, founders Nick Barbaro and co-founder and managing director Roland Swenson confirmed to the Austin Chronicle Friday.

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